Lutra 59(1-2)_Suzuki et al_2016

Diurnal activity of juvenile Russian flying squirrels recorded by camera trapping

We describe the diurnal behaviour in juvenile Russian flying squirrels (Pteromys volans) revealed by camera trapping. Photographs showed that juvenile Russian flying squirrels of up to approximately 30 days old are only active in daytime and often peeped out of the breeding cavity. In addition, juveniles of approximately 40 to 45 days old showed a cathemeral activity pattern: they investigated the immediate surroundings of their breeding cavity in both daytime and night-time. In contrast, older juveniles showed only nocturnal activities. These observations show for the first time that juveniles of wild Russian flying squirrels are active in the daytime when growing up, while gradually shifting to an exclusively nocturnal activity pattern when getting older. Meanwhile we emphasise that our observations concern only one litter.