Lutra 50-1 2007

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Editorial / Redactioneel

50 volumes of Lutra (1)
Editorial Board

Contributed papers / Artikelen

Temporal variation in flight activity, foraging activity and social interactions by bats around a suburban pond 
Geraldine Kapfer & Serge Aron

The summer distribution and occurrence of cetaceans in the coastal waters of the outer southern Moray Firth in northeast Scotland (UK)
Kevin P. Robinson, Nina Bamgartner, Sonja M. Eisfeld, Nicola M. Clark, Ross m. Culloch, Gary N. Haskins, Livia Zapponi, Allan R. Whaley, Joanne S. Weare & Michael J. Tetley

Foraging humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the Marsdiep area (Wadden Sea), may 2007 and a review of sightings and strandings in the southern North Sea, 2003-2007
Kees (C.J.) Camphuysen

Short notes / Korte berichten

First records of Plecotus auritus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Plecotus macrobullaris Kuzjakin, 1965 in the republic of Macedonia, results of a mammal survey in Galicica National Park (II)
Jan Piet Bekker & Jan Boshamer

European mink (Mustela lutreola) still surviving in Ukranian deltas of the Danube and Dniester
Addy W.J.J. de Jongh, Gennadiy A. Tokar, Andriy S. Matveyeyev, Tjibbe de Jong & Lena (E.)V. de Jongh-Nesterko

Book revieuws/ Boekbesprekingen

Rabbits, refuges and resources
Liesbeth Bakker

Pollutants and hedgehogs
Nico van den Brink