Lutra 46-2 2003

Beaver Special

Contents / Inhoud

Editorial Lutra 46 (2)

Baker, B.W. Beaver (Castor canadensis) in heavily browsed environments.

Baskin, L. & G. Sjöberg. Planning, coordination and realization of Northern European beaver management, based on the experience of 50 years of beaver restoration in Russia, Finland, and Scandinavia.

Busher, P. Food caching behaviour of the American beaver in Massachusetts.

Elmeros, M., A.B. Madsen & J.P. Berthelsen. Monitoring of reintroduced beavers (Castor fiber) in Denmark.

Fustec, J. & J.-P. Cormier. The habitat potential of the downstream Loire River for European beavers (Castor fiber).

Gorshkov, D. Is it possible to use beaver building activity to reduce lake sedimentation?

Hadidian, J. Managing conflicts with beaver in the United States: an animal welfare perspective.

Halley, D.J. & F. Rosell. Population and distribution of European beavers (Castor fiber).

Hartman, G. Irruptive population development of European beaver (Castor fiber) in southwest Sweden.

Hood, G.A. & S.E. Bayley. Fire and beaver in the boreal forest-grassland transition of western Canada – A case study from Elk Island National Park, Canada.

John, S. & A. Klein. Beaver pond development and its hydrogeomorphic and sedimentary impact on the Jossa floodplain in Germany.

Jones, K., D. Gilvear, N. Willby & M. Gaywood. Felling and foraging: results of the first year of beaver (Castor fiber) activity in an enclosed Scottish site.

Kurstjens, G. & J. Bekhuis. Adaptation of beavers (Castor fiber) to extreme water level fluctuations and ecological implications.

Lisle, S. The use and potential of flow devices in beaver management.

Parker, H. & F. Rosell. Beaver management in Norway: a model for continental Europe?

Reinhold, J. The beaver (Castor fiber) in Flevoland, The Netherlands.

Sluiter, H. The reintroduction and the present status of the beaver (Castor fiber) in the Netherlands: an overview.

Ulevicius, A. & A. Paulauskas. On morphology and genetics of a successfully restored beaver population in Lithuania.

Van den Bergh, M. & B. Manet. The European beaver (Castor fiber L.) in Wallonia (southern Belgium): the set-up of an afterthought management programme.

Verbeylen, G. The unofficial return of the European beaver (Castor fiber) in Flanders (Belgium).