No place to hide: Limited forest cover hampers the availability of suitable habitat for lynx in the Netherlands


In Europe, centuries-long of overharvesting and hunting of large herbivores and carnivores has resulted in extinctions of large mammals, such as the lynx (Lynx lynx). With the expansion of lynx distributions via recolonisation and reintroduction programmes, it is possible that the lynx will again recolonise the Netherlands. This study identified the most important predictors for lynx habitat suitability in the Netherlands and areas in the Netherlands where the ecological requirements of the lynx are met.

Telganger / 2006-1 / juli (pdf)


In deze editie van de Telganger: Meetnet Hazelmuis, Verspreiding van kleine zoogdieren aan de hand van braakballen, Vogelgriep ppl bij wilde roofdieren, Limburgse zoogdieratlas, Bevers in Limburg, Griend aangespoeld op Schiermonnikoog, Nederlands windmolenpark op zee en zeezoogdieren, Cursussen, Braakballen en de nationale braakbal pluisweek 2006.