International Hibernation Symposium

Eind datum

We are proud to host the 16th International Hibernation Symposium (IHS) from 9-14 May 2021 in Groningen (The Netherlands). The IHS is an international conference that is organized once every 4 years and brings together scientists from different fields, including ecology, evolution, physiology, chronobiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and medical sciences. In this multidisciplinary setting, we will also explore biomedical applications of hibernation.

On our website,, you will find more information about our conference, the venue and the possibility to submit an abstract.

Confirmed key note speakers are:
- Prof. Peter Stenvinkel, nephrology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden: "Biomimetics - Nature's roadmap to insights and solutions for burden of life style diseases"
- Prof. Victor Guryev, bioinformatics, European Institute Biology of Ageing, UMCG, Netherlands: “Cross-omics solutions for non-standard animals"